Clara Vale Mountain Bike Club

welcome to the home of mountain biking and real ale drinking in the Clara Vale area

Diary Dates

March 8th has been pencilled in for an away day to Glentress - make your preparations now (flowers, chocolates etc). We also have a full list of Trailquests happening this year - the Blanchland round being the highlight. Also don't forget the Cyclone challenge in june, registration forms here. Finally there's the biggie - the dreaded Merida at Selkirk on August 2nd - you know it's gonna hurt.


We took precious few photos last year but I've managed to scrape a few together and add them to the gallery page. If only we knew a photographer.

Top Tips

Follow these tips and you need never push your bike home again.

Ever worried your freehub body might freeze up in the depths of winter leaving you with no drive? Well worry no more, here's how you fix it (this really works!)
Bent a Chain ring on a log? It's ok, using specialist tools this can be fixed trailside...
Finally, always wear a helmet cos you never know when you'll need it.

New bikes have arrived!

After months of head scratching my new bike is finally built, a PipeDream Sirius steel hardtail sporting Marzocchi forks and whatever Mr Shimano had lying about. I was going to post a pic but it always seems to be covered in mud at the moment. Single-Speed-Mike has also been busy building bikes lately, not content with his rather lovely Cotic Simple he's just built a rather dashing Pace RC305 - nice. Mr Mitchell also took the plunge recently, replacing his Epic with another Epic.

Voodoo R.I.P

voodoo bikesIt's a sad day for mountain biking... My beloved Voodoo hardtail has gone to the big drop-off in the sky. It gave eight years of loyal service (despite repeated and sustained abuse) without complaint until finally it succumbed to the the dreaded rust, still, that's the price you pay for riding steel.
So I need to buy new frame, however, my forks are only 80mm and most frames are corrected for 100mm forks so I'll need to buy new ones, I'll also need to upgrade to disc brakes which means I need new wheels so it looks like I'm building a new bike...sweet.

Subs and Fines

There has been a lot of debate and/or confusion lately over the payment of subs and fines so hopefully this should clear it up for everyone – myself included.

We pay £2.50 for every pint, so if you’re a regular three pinter that’s £7.50 for beer plus £2 subs which means you put £9.50 into the kitty.
If you miss a week for legitimate reasons such as holidays, work, family stuff then you still have to pay your £2 subs for missed week!
If you miss a week without legitimate reason such as ‘it’s been raining/is raining/might rain', (otherwise known as ‘The Mitchell Clause’) you will be fined an extra pound for your absence.
Confused? You will be….

We love the NHS!

Many thanks to the staff at Dumfries General for bolting and stitching Clive back together.


Team Wilson would like to report that theirStumpjumpers are living up to expectations - although one has had to have a faulty rear shock replaced. Kev will be hoping that the Spesh doesn’t end up like his Whyte which ended up with a very short wheelbase.

Money Money

Just how much money do we chuck at our trusty steeds just to keep them running? I've decided to keep a tally of how much I spend on my Stumpjumper throughout the year. Check it out here...


Club meetings are held every tuesday over a pint or three of Wylam's finest.